Market plans, October 1

We’ll be skipping market this weekend, in keeping with our every-other-week plans for the fall. This is especially necessary this week for several reasons:

(a) we expect a frost both Friday and Saturday night, and need time to deal with that (it’s technically not our first, that was 9/14, but this one may be stronger). We’d rather deal with that properly than go nuts trying to do market prep and market itself along with frost management.

(b) with plans to attend various events in Columbia later on Saturday, including the Farmageddon film & disussion panel that night, we’d be overstretched and exhausted.

(c) sales of the non-garlic produce we brought were once again poor, including only 3 lb of the fantastic mixed baby greens that we’ve grown for years and never had trouble selling before. So we’ll work harder to market that mix to other sources instead.

(d) the dry weather means that we can do a lot of important fall projects that will put us in a better position for next year; these include hauling and incorporating manure into beds, hauling leaves from the woods for mulch, cleaning up crops that are finished and composting them to limit overwintering of insect pests, and much more. Skipping market saves us several otherwise lost work-days we can invest in the future.

We’ll be back next weekend, October 8, with more garlic, onions, another shot at greens, possibly cabbage, green peanuts (if frost kills them back), and more.

2 thoughts on “Market plans, October 1

  1. So I bought 1/6th of all the mixed baby greens sold? That's crazy, they're so versatile and really tasty! I always go to the market looking for salad/braising greens because they're so much better than the supermarket greens…

  2. Yeah, I couldn't believe it either. Same price, same mix, as we've sold for years without trouble, even this spring. Just another data point for us; even if it was a wild quirk of one day, we can't take that kind of uncertainty. Unlike some farms, we don't resell anything fresh.Glad you enjoyed them. We've been eating the leftovers quite happily.