Market plans, August 20

Finally received some rain on Tuesday, 0.77″, which is far from enough to truly break our local drought but still very welcome.


Summer squash: Our nice mix of young heirloom varieties returns from a new, healthy planting. Should be a good quantity of these, with so many uses.

Cucumbers: After our first planting was a near-complete failure, the second planting looks great and we’ll have some early-ripening fruits. A mix of standard greens, sweet heirloom yellow/whites, and picklers.


Hot peppers: Green Anaheim & jalapeno hot peppers.

Sweet peppers: Red and yellow sweet peppers are just beginning to ripen. We don’t grow full sized bell peppers, but we’ve found several varieties of open-pollinated/heirloom sweet peppers that we think have amazing flavor and can be used just like bell peppers. These include: Doe Hill Golden Bell, a sweet, roundish, yellow-orange pepper that is Joanna’s favorite; Sheepnose Pimento, a sweet red pepper shaped similarly to the Doe Hill; Chervena Chushka, a pointy sweet red pepper with nice thick walls; and Jimmy Nardello’s Italian Frying Pepper, an all-purpose narrow pointy pepper that is Eric’s favorite.

Cherry tomatoes: Heirloom mix, lots of different flavors and colors. Really producing well; we’re actually harvesting significantly more than are selling, which is very frustrating. We’ve been drying them in large lots, 10+ pounds at a time, which makes for great winter food but is a lot of lost income.

Tomatoes:  These, on the other hand, are struggling with disease and pests. We won’t be bringing any slicers this week, reserving the harvest for our own home canning, but will have a good quantity of the smaller roasting/salad tomatoes which are very good for salsas and sauces.
Edamame: Get there at opening bell if you want them. One of the few things we can’t match demand on, but we just can’t handle the picking time and labor it would take to seriously increase our production. If you miss them at market, try Root Cellar.
Okra: Two varieties, really producing well right now. Fry it in salted cornmeal, add to soups/stews/beans, use in Indian cooking…Okra also freezes very easily; just pop it in a freezer bag (no blanching) for easy use in winter stews. We freeze it by the gallon this way.

Tomatillos: For a really easy, excellent sauce, spread tomatillos, tomatoes, garlic, and peppers on a baking tray, coat all with a bit of oil, and roast at 400 for 30 minutes before blending and adding salt. That’s all it takes.
Garlic: All varieties available this week. Roast it, grill it, make salsa, make pesto…what meal doesn’t use garlic this time of year?
Herbs: Parsley, sage, thyme, mint, tarragon, oregano, epazote, maybe a last little bit of basil, and possibly more depending on what looks good at harvest time.

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