Quick notes: The new Root Cellar, Red and Moe pizza

The New Root Cellar

Tuesday afternoon we delivered produce to the newest downtown grocery store, the re-imagined, relocated, and reopened Root Cellar. Under new management, with whom I’ve had good interactions so far, the store is hoping to build its brand as a worthwhile downtown source of fresh/local/organic foods. I love the new location, on the NE side of downtown right by the bus station with actual lot parking, and a very attractive interior.

We’re starting small, as are they, but hoping to build up a good relationship with them as a reliable supplier of good produce. I hope any local readers will stop by and give them some support. They’re currently stocking our edamame, okra, and two varieties of garlic, and will see how those sell as we move forward. Their Google Maps listing has the new location right and they have a page on Facebook.

Red and Moe Pizza

Red and Moe opened last fall, focusing on high-end pizza but with other worthwhile menu options as well. They’re focusing very heavily on fresh, local ingredients and have rapidly become a loyal and important customer for us. We’ve eaten there multiple times and found everything to be perfect. Everyone I know who we’ve convinced to go there has also loved it. Last week, our most recent visit, we had (copied from the online July menu):

– panzenella with marinated squash, cherry tomatoes, fried capers, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, and balsamic vinaigrette

– gnocchi with savory greens, filet beans and a sage-walnut brown butter topped with olive, goat cheese, and celery salad

– goatsbeard walloon and fresh goat cheese, with zucchini, cherry tomatoes, chopped olives, and chert hallow garlic scape pesto
These featured our cherry tomatoes, squash, filet beans, and garlic and were all fantastic. I’ve seen a little rumbling online that their prices are high, but so what? You get what you pay for. They’re investing in paying good prices to good local farms, and in preparing those high-quality ingredients in very good ways. Their menu is creative and worthwhile, always changing with the seasons and whatever they can source in the area, to the point of regularly buying large batches of in-season items for preservation and later use; their winter menu will still be largely locally-sourced due to the work they’re putting in now.
Good for them. Most of us can afford a $15 meal now and then, and it’s well worth the investment for culinary and ethical reasons. Money spent there is staying in our community more than almost any other option in town; please go reward them for the extra effort it takes to do that.

One thought on “Quick notes: The new Root Cellar, Red and Moe pizza

  1. Enjoying your blog very much. It's very interesting to read about local farming conditions, the market, etc. I just moved to CoMo and am looking forward to checking our Root Cellar. I've been to Red and Moe and totally agree with your point of view – the ingredients are high quality, local and fresh, and I think they are doing some creative things with their menu.