Market plans, July 9

We will not be attending market this week. There is a product lull at the moment, with beets, carrots, sweet onions, peas, and more all finished, while tomatoes, peppers, tomatillos, edamame, cucumbers, and more are still a few weeks away. The only products we could bring in meaningful quantities are green garlic, summer squash, and filet beans. The first two have been selling poorly so far, and the latter two we can sell to restaurants and/or preserve for ourselves.

In addition, we are falling somewhat behind in keeping up with weeding, summer/fall planting, general maintenance, and so on. This is partly due to garlic harvest, as processing 2,000 heads of fresh garlic over the last few weeks takes a lot of time from our already busy schedule, partly due to several heavy rains which have given the weeds a solid boost, and partly simply the reality of midsummer when the days are longest, weeds and crops growing fast, and we’re doing everything from near-daily harvest to lots of fresh planting to weeding to general maintenance to food preservation and so on.

Saving ourselves the several days that market takes will allow us a lot of freedom to position the farm better for the rest of the season; an extra-strong push over the next week could allow us to catch up with most needs and get back on track. Once the garlic is sorted and hung; once fall planting is underway; once the weeds are knocked back….

This blog has been suffering neglect lately, but that’s the reality of midsummer on a full-time farm. I just don’t have the time to flesh out the many policy posts in my head, or even deal with the relatively simple photo essays of farm projects and status. Maybe one of these hot afternoons.

One thought on “Market plans, July 9

  1. Sorry to hear you'll be absent this Saturday, though I understand your reasoning. The filet beans were delicious last week. Looking forward to the edamame – did you plant the same varieties that you had last year?