Market plans, July 23

At last, the summer items are beginning to mature. Though this week was hot and uncomfortable, it never got quite as hot as expected, and these dry conditions are excellent for keeping up with overall work. Right now, when we weed or hoe something, it stays weeded and hoed. That’s a wonderful feeling. Irrigation and produce cooling/storage will cost us more money than we’d like this month, but it’s a worthwhile trade for the good growing conditions. We’re going through multiple sets of clothes a day in this weather, but the increased laundry needs aren’t a big deal since our solar hot water system can easily keep up with the demand. Any reasonable amount of rain we get this weekend will be welcomed for its overall benefit to pastures and plants; a good farm-wide soaking is still more effective than irrigation. We’re tired and sweaty but doing a decent job of keeping up with things for now.
Edamame: Won’t be a ton, the first picking of the first planting, but the season is now open. The overall supply will be smaller this year, as the picking work has kind of driven us under in the past, so we’ve tried to spread out the plantings more. Plus we lost portions of several plantings to rodents eating seeds and rabbits eating young plants.
Okra: Probably. I saw lots of small ones forming earlier this week, and hopefully some will be ready by end of Friday.
Cherry tomatoes: Okay, I had these in New last week, but there were only 3 pints. There’s still a lot more ripening, but we’ll have a decent starting quantity of these really flavorful mixes.
Tomatillos: Finally starting to ripen in quantity. I’ve seen more insect damage on these early ones than in past years, but will be doing my best to scan for trouble. We’ve made several excellent tomatillo salsas by simply chopping and simmering these with garlic, onion, peppers, tomatoes, and spices.
(2010 photo)
Garlic: Same six varieties as last week, probably a few more added once I confirm with the harvest records that they’ve dried long enough. All 12 will be ready by the end of the month.
Basil: We’ll have a good amount of Genovese basil, a small amount of lime basil, and maybe some Thai basil.
Herbs: Parsley, sage, thyme, garlic chives, mint, and possibly more depending on what looks good at harvest time.
Cucumbers & squash: Our first plantings of both went downhill faster than expected; last year we had bumper crops on these. The next plantings are growing, but there will be a gap, maybe just a week or two for squash and somewhat longer for cukes.
Filet beans: This variety is not a heat-lover and it shows; these plantings would be near their end anyway. Regular green beans are growing.

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  1. I'm sure I'm not telling you anything you don't know, but be careful and be sure to stay hydrated. I know you're young and healthy, but even so working in this heat has got to take it's toll.