July farm food

A look at the various diverse meals we’ve been eating over the last month, sourced primarily from on-farm and local ingredients. Who says local foods are boring or constraining? Hopefully these photos and descriptions provide inspirations for good meals from good sources. As always, all on-farm-sourced ingredients listed in italics.

On left, cast-iron-saute of squash, carrots, onions, beets, kohlrabi, herbs, & potatoes from Joanna’s parents (brought in a late June visit), sauteed in oil & seasoned with salt. On right, similar saute of squash, tomatoes, onion, garlic, cabbage, plus some leftover rice & noodles, seasoned with salt, pepper, paprika, cider vinegar. These dishes are so easy, so quick, and taste so good. They rely on good, fresh ingredients; I suspect the same thing made from store ingredients wouldn’t be nearly as tasty and would demand other flavorings.
On left, platter of smoked goose breast (last of our ex-flock, frozen from last year), pickles, aged goat cheddar. On right, fish tacos of fresh bass filets (caught by a friend), sauteed squash, tomatillo-tomato-pepper salsa, cucumber, goat feta, in fresh-made wrap. Smoked goose breast has to be one of the best meats we’ve ever made/eaten. Not pictured, a pork roast smothered in herb-garlic-mustardseed paste for amazing slabs of flavored meat; see Breakfast below.
Italian bakes
On left, calzone of goat ricotta, herbs, garlic, in fresh dough, with tomato-basil sauce. On right, lasagna of noodles, squash, garlic, herbs, fresh sliced tomatoes, goat ricotta, and white sauce made with goat milk, flour, butter; also pictured, tomato slices, Uprise bread and goat riccota. We make these often in the winter as well, with preserved ingredients, but there’s nothing like fresh.
On left, fried eggs, fried new potatoes, sauteed squash-tomatoes-onion-garlic hash. On right, fried eggs, fried new potatoes, roasted herbed pork slices, fresh tomatoes garnished with borage flowers, local peaches. Good hearty breakfasts that get sweated right off.
On left, fresh crust with garlic, rosemary, potatoes, herbed goat ricotta, olive oil. On right, tomatoes, herbed goat ricotta, basil, garlic. So easy, so good. Only Red and Moe can match homemade pizza.
Grab-bag 1
On left, psychadelic borscht with heirloom beets, onion, goat yogurt. On right. baked polenta with fresh-ground cornmeal, garlic scape pesto, aged goat cheddar. This borscht looked as ridiculous in real life; it’s not the color balance in the photo. The same thing made with “normal” red beets had a boring deep red color; gotta love heirlooms.
Grab-bag 2
On left, peach pie from local peaches. We bought/salvaged 9 pecks of 3rds peaches from an orchard near Franklin, MO and spent a tired Saturday afternoon processing and freezing them, feeding the damaged scraps to the pig and making this pie as a reward. On right, cous-cous with parsley, herbs, garlic, onion, cucumber, fresh pickle, aged goat cheddar, on fresh tortilla made from fresh-ground Missouri wheat flour.

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