Agricultural flowers

Everyone loves wildflowers, and domestic decorative flowers, but few ever take the time to really look at the flowers of common agricultural and food crops. In many cases, these are every bit as complex and fascinating as their more famous counterparts. If nothing else, looking at them gives a bit more context to where our food comes from.
Here’s a photo essay of some common flowers in our fields during the summer. I’ll label them after each photo, so you can try to guess what they are. Even I had to check on a few, out of their field context. Photos by Joanna.
Above left, filet bean. Above right, pole bean. 
 Above left, chard. Above right, okra.
 Above left, cilantro/coriander. Above right, dill.
 Above left, corn. Above center, mutant corn with male & female parts together. Above right, sorghum.
 Above left, cowpea (similar to black-eyed pea). Above right, peanut.
 Above right, cucumber female blossom. Above right, cucumber male blossom.
Above left and right are both edamame, Shirofumi variety.
 Above left, sunflower. Above right, sunchoke (Jerusalem artichoke).
Above left, tomato. Above right, pepper.
 Above left, tomatillo. Above right, potato.
Above left, summer squash female. Above right, summer squash male.

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