Market plans, June 4

This week’s market will look a lot like last week’s, with a few minor changes. It’s been hot & mostly dry lately, which is speeding the end of cool-season items like radishes but benefitting the growth of zucchini and much more. Given the forecast for market day (sunny and low-mid 90s) I may try keeping many of the greens in coolers rather than out on the stand, with good signage. It’s a gamble, as folks may not buy what they can’t see, but I hate putting good fresh greens (especially delicate lettuce) out in the heat to immediately begin losing quality. I’d rather take home good lettuce than sell wilted lettuce. I just hope customers recognize the difference and the reasoning behind it.
Garlic scapes! These flavorful seed stalks of the garlic plant are an excellent opening to true garlic season. Great for sauteing or making pesto, which freezes very well for a great winter meal. We won’t have a large amount, as Red & Moe is buying most of our production for their kitchen, but we want at least some customers to have access to this worthwhile treat.

Spinach:  Likely the last harvest from this planting given the heat; tender regrowth from the plants that had been damaged by last week’s hail.

Head lettuce: Tender and flavorful, we’ve been thrilled with the many heads we’ve been eating all week in regular large salads topped by radishes, scallions, farm cheese, and more.

Green onions: One last harvest of these, which didn’t sell very well last week but have been really good.

Mustard greens, kale, & beet greens: Mid-sized leaves, excellent for sauteing, soups, and lots of other possibilities.

Radishes: The last week for these, which are rapidly starting to bolt (go to seed) and get woody in this heat. The plantings were almost done anyway, we might have lasted one more week with cooler weather, but oh well. A small amount of whatever we find that’s still in good shape.

   – Plenty of:

      – Mint
      – Lemon balm
  – Some:
      – Mixed herb bundles, great for eggs or pasta (probably garlic chives, oregano, & sage this week)
  – Very limited quantities of:
      – Tarragon
      – Cilantro
      – Dill
      – Oregano

Snap peas: Sugar Ann variety, extra sweet when really fat, but not until then. Don’t be fooled into thinking these are overgrown based on their plumpness; these are different from most snap pea varieties. Also a chance for some early snow peas.

Zucchini are flowering and fruiting, so the first baby squash could appear as early as next week. Carrots and beets continue to grow, but we want them to be nicely developed before sale. A few kohlrabi may be ready for next week. We’ll harvest the first heads of green garlic in a couple of weeks, just after scapes finish. 

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