Market plans, June 25

This has been an extremely busy week, with no time for blogging. The weather is glorious and allowing us to get lots done, but we’re still slightly behind where we’d like to be. Days have been dawn to dusk for a while now, with a break for a nap after lunch. Productive but tiring.

Market was frustrating last week; I only sold 28 bundles of beets, ~15 heads of green garlic, and 2 bundles of chard. Even the carrots sold slowly.  Our restaurants, however, are buying lots of produce and putting it to good use.


Fin de Bagnol filet beans:  These are a high-end green bean, small, tender, and sweet. They take a lot of careful, regular picking (we keep a 36-hour picking schedule) but are a significant step above the average green  bean. These are tasty raw, and delicious gently steamed with a touch of salt.


Summer squash: These are coming on strong, and we pick them every day to ensure proper small size and freshness. Everything at market will be from Wednesday or later.

Green garlic heads: The beginning of true garlic season! Mixed/unknown varieties excellent for all-around cooking.
Beets: Mostly red beets, with some bundles of smaller mixed-color heirlooms. Restaurants are hitting these hard and they sold poorly at market, so I’m not going to bring very many this week. Very sweet; you can shred them raw into a salad or coleslaw for a lovely flavor and visual effect.

Peas: Snap peas and snow peas ready for salads, stir fries, and so much more. Definitely the last week for these.
Herbs: Parsley, sage, cilanto, probably a little tarragon, maybe some mint, and anything else that looks good in the herb garden during the Friday harvest.
Carrots: Restaurants are buying these in droves, so we’re going to hold back the rest to fulfill these orders. 
Swiss chard: Same story, selling better to restaurants than at market, so holding it in the field for the former.
Scallions: Same as above.


Cippolini onions: Nice, sweet onions excellent for grilling, roasting, salads, and more. Likely to appear for the next week or two in limited quantities. We had a nearly complete crop failure on these last year and are extremely excited for them to appear in our own kitchen again.

Edamame: The first planting is flowering now, so it’ll be a few more weeks.
Basil: Our Genovese basil is behind schedule, in part because our first planting was damaged by mid-May frosts (in spite of giving it all the protection we could). But the second planting is growing, so it should be harvestable in the coming weeks. We also have a limited quantity of lime basil that may be ready to harvest sooner.

Tomatoes, tomatillos, peppers: We have marble-golf ball sized tomatoes forming, plus tomatillos with husks, and some very small peppers. We’ll probably have them at market in 3-6 weeks.

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