Market plans, June 18

Summer squash: These are coming on strong, and we pick them every day to ensure proper small size and freshness. Everything at market will be from Wednesday or later. Photo above is from 2010 but 2011 varieties are similar.
Green garlic heads: The beginning of true garlic season! We’ll start pulling the first green heads for market, though these will be an unknown mix of varieties we intentionally planted for green garlic harvest.

Beets:  Many bundles of mixed heirloom beets, a nice color blend for roasting, sauteeing, and/or topping salads. Mostly 2″-3″ in diameter, there may be some bundles of smaller pickling beets as we thin a few rows.

Kohlrabi: Delicious “alien” vegetable, with a sweet taste like a cross between carrots and broccoli. We like them just sliced thin on a salad or chopped into sticks for your favorate dip.

Peas: Snap peas and snow peas (pictured) ready for salads, stir fries, and so much more.

Carrots: Lots of small-medium roots, crunchy and sweet. Shred with some cabbage and light vinegar dressing for an excellent early summer slaw.

Swiss chard: Good cooking green, lots of uses.


     – Parsley
     – Mint
     – Oregano
     – Sage
     – Cilantro
     – Tarragon

Lettuce: Our remaining heads bolted in the heat, and are now in the compost or the pig’s stomach.

Kale: Same as lettuce.

Scallions: These haven’t been selling well at market, but our restaurants are taking lots, so we’re not going to bother with them at market this week. They’re much less work to pack in bulk for chefs than in small bundles for customers.

Fin de Bagnol filet beans: There might be a few pints this week from the earliest-maturing plants, but these will definitely be at market next week.

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