Market plans, June 11

It’s been a very busy week. The dry, hot weather is fantastic for most of our crops, though it’s been tiring us out as we’re not quite adjusted to summer temperatures yet. Look for another post soon with lots of photos of happy summer plants, written by sweaty worn-out farmers. Meanwhile, Saturday’s market will look something like this:

Beets: I don’t have a good photo, but this year’s beet crop is looking nice and we started delivering them to restaurants over the past week. We’re harvesting them at a moderate size, 2-3″ across, which gives a good crop of greens but not an overwhelming root. I sauteed some in butter and tossed them over our butterhead lettuce for a great salad; these are the sweetest beets we’ve ever grown.

Carrots: Our carrots look nice but are still on the small side. We’ll harvest some bundles of smaller carrots to thin out the plantings some and test the market.

Swiss chard (maybe): Some leaves are big enough now to harvest a few first bundles if we get to it.

Garlic scapes: Good, fresh garlic flavor available only this time of year. Last or next-to-last week for these. Green garlic heads coming soon.

Lettuce heads: Last week’s experiment with keeping lettuce and most greens in a cooler, to maintain freshness and prevent wilting while sitting out on a table in heat, was a mixed success. I sold more than I thought I would under those conditions, but was far from selling out. Almost everyone I convinced to look in the cooler was thrilled with their appearance, and the freshness of buying still-cold lettuce at market, but it was a difficult struggle to be noticed with a stand that appeared halfway-empty due to much product being out of sight. Didn’t seem like many folks were reading the sign advertising cooler lettuce.  Frustrating, as I really don’t like “piling it high” in the heat just so things can look pretty. I think I’ll stick with the cooler method again and see if we get return customers. This will be the last week for lettuce.

Scallions: Good, tender, flavorful scallions are a great addition to eggs, salads, light soups, and so much more. These we’ll have for several more weeks.

Kale: This also didn’t sell well, but I’m bringing more anyway. This is likely the last week for it.

Peas: I’ll have a nice pulse of snap and snow peas, though I’m not sure how much longer these will be available. Peas will have to be considered our first crop failure of the year. They’ve had rough conditions, first enduring weeks of wet weather when young (which breeds disease), then transitioning almost instantly to hot sun, not the preferred temperature for this cool-weather crop. Disease is a real problem on these and plants are dropping fast. Get them while you can.


– Mint
– Lemon balm
– Mixed herb bundles, great for eggs or pasta (probably garlic chives, oregano, & sage this week)
– Tarragon
– Oregano
– Thyme
& maybe some dill &/or cilantro

Spinach, radishes, mustard greens, green onions, beet greens

Green filet beans: flowering now
Zucchini: we’re already harvesting small first yields for ourselves
Green garlic: fresh heads within a few weeks

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