Market plans, July 2

Very busy week, with family visiting, garlic harvest ongoing (halfway through our 2,000 heads so far), lots of weeds growing after >2″ rain, and so on. The upcoming hot weather will be great for all our summer crops, and we’re virtually done with cool-season spring crops, so as long as we can slog through it’s good news for the farm. Overall this will be a small market for us, as (a) we find that July 4th weekend isn’t always a strong market, and (b) we’re in a transitional period between spring and summer crops with many items another week or two away. At least the weather appears stable, unlike the last two weeks of stormy conditions.


Cippolini onions: Nice, sweet onions excellent for grilling, roasting, salads, and more. A great 4th of July treat on the grill. Likely to appear for the next week or two in limited quantities. We had a nearly complete crop failure on these last year and are extremely excited for them to appear in our own kitchen again.


Fin de Bagnol filet beans: These are a high-end green bean, small, tender, and sweet. They take a lot of careful, regular picking (we keep a 36-hour picking schedule) but are a significant step above the average green bean. These are tasty raw, and delicious gently steamed with a touch of salt.

Summer squash: These are coming on strong, and we pick them every day to ensure proper small size and freshness. Great for holiday grilling.
Beets: Mostly red beets, with some bundles of smaller mixed-color heirlooms.  Very sweet; you can shred them raw into a salad or coleslaw for a lovely flavor and visual effect. Also great for grilling. Last week for these.
Green garlic heads: Fresh all-purpose garlic.
Herbs: Parsley and various other herbs, TBD.

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