June farm food

Mid-late June is a very busy time for us, but also a great time for cooking with so much new produce showing up to complement what remains of our preserves from last year. Here’s a photo tour through some meals we’ve managed to fit in between dawn-dusk rounds of weeding, harvesting, planting, and marketing. They’re all deeply rooted in the farm and quite accessible to any market shopper; we don’t have time to cook many complicated meals these days and virtually all the ingredients are easily purchaseable this time of year. Few of these rely on very many spices or other flavor crutches; just let the good fresh produce speak for itself with some light touches around the edges. As always, all on-farm-sourced ingredients listed in italics.



On left, fresh slaw of grated cabbage, beets, carrots, onion, garlic with light dressing of cider vinegar, olive oil, and salt. On right, basic green salad of lettuce, kohlrabi, carrots, broccoli, with oil & vinegar.




On left, organic penne with garlic scape pesto, zucchini, cured ham. On right, organic penne in cream sauce (milk, butter, flour), herbs, shelled peas, zucchini.

On left, leftovers of the above plus sliced corned goat, dill pickles, fresh goat feta. On right, cowpeas with sauteed sweet onion, garlic, home-smoked chipotle, beet, zucchini, beet greens, topped with fried eggs, fresh cilantro, fresh goat feta.

On left, farm reuben on Uprise Bakery rye: sliced corned goat, fermented sauerkraut, scape pesto, fresh goat feta. Sides of more kraut, sauteed beets. On right, wrap of homemade fresh tortilla with scape pesto, dried cherry tomatoes, sauteed zucchini, Yukina Savoy greens, fresh goat feta.
On left, fresh-made dough topped with dried cherry tomatoes, shelled peas, fresh goat feta, scape pesto. Other recent pizzas have included beets, cured ham, zucchini, garlic, sweet onions, herbs, fresh goat ricotta. On right, fresh custard from goat’s milk, eggs, sugar, topped with sauce of wild gooseberries & black raspberries.
Not pictured is our latest round of aged goat’s-milk cheddar, which came out very well this time (they don’t always turn out right) and various other ingredients/meals we didn’t get around to photographing.

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