Market plans, May 7

This coming Saturday will open our 2011 season at the Columbia Farmers Market, and we expect to sell every Saturday through fall. It’s Kentucky Derby weekend, and we’ll have a large supply of fresh mint for making mint juleps. Look for us along the north side of the market, toward the west end (away from the parking lots). We’re really looking forward to seeing loyal customers again, and meeting/making new ones. See you there.


Baby radish mixes (read how we handle these)
Green garlic scallions
Green onions
     – Mint (multiple varieties)
     – Thyme
     – Oregano

     – Garlic chives


Salad mix


Garlic scapes

2 thoughts on “Market plans, May 7

  1. Any chance you might have lime basil again this year? I've been hoping to make an ice cream with it for nearly a year now.

  2. We're not growing a lot this year; it goes to flower so fast that it's not very economic to grow. That being said, it's so damn good that we're growing a small amount and will make sure you get some.The seeds weren't available this year, but we had some leftover from last year, and will be planting that. We intend to save seed from it this year, and maybe over time we can develop a more stable variety for this farm. It's worth the effort.