Market plans, May 28

After skipping the last market, we expect to return with a nice diverse stand this Saturday. We’ve been relatively fortunate in our weather lately, despite receiving around 3″ of rain in the past few days along some lightly damaging hail. Much of Missouri has had it far worse, with damaging winds, tornadoes, and hail all over the state. We dodged the really nasty weather on Wednesday afternoon, with tornado & severe storm warnings blanketing Boone County, but no more than some light rain and impressive thunder on the farm. Despite continued forecasts of rain and storms including Friday night and Saturday morning, we plan to be at market this week, as many new products are ready.
Lettuce heads: Tender & flavorful; some minor hail damage (mainly on the outer leaves), but excellent for home use.
Snap peas: The first ripeners, just a few, but oh so good.
Mustard greens: Medium-size greens, excellent for sauteing with green garlic.
Green onions and/or scallions: Good spring onion flavor.
Garlic scapes (maybe): The first scapes are beginning to form; we’re not yet sure if there will be enough to bring to market this week.

Spinach: Small-medium leaves. Some hail damage, but excellent for short-term home use, especially cooking.

Baby radishes: Bundles of sweets and flavor mixes. Excellent for salads and stir fries.
Baby greens saute mix: Nice blend of young greens, including kale, tat soi, spinach, beet greens, pea shoots, & more. Excellent for light sautes, or blending with lettuce for a rich salad.
     – Plenty of:
         – Mint
         – Lemon balm
     – Very limited quantities of:
          – Tarragon
          – Cilantro
          – Dill
          – Oregano

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