Spring wildflowers on the farm

One of Joanna’s favorite aspects of spring (aside from warbler migration) is the profusion of wildflowers throughout the farm. Here’s a simple photo essay of the diverse and beautiful forms these can take:

In order of appearance:
Bluebells, wild ginger, golden seal
Spring beauty, trout lily (dog-tooth violet), May apple
Dutchman’s breeches, pale corydalis, toothwort
Bloodroot, common violet, harbinger of spring
Jacob’s ladder, bellwort, trillium
Rue anemone, redbud
Blue phlox (wild sweet William)
Yellow violet, Ohio buckeye, buttercup

3 thoughts on “Spring wildflowers on the farm

  1. Eric/Joanna, any chance we could get labels on those flowers? I was out today and noticed some of the same ones and wondered what they were. Almost certain it's what you'd like to work on as you prepare for market…;-)