Our domestic population went up by three this morning, as Garlic produced three healthy doe kids right at dawn. We missed the actual kidding by about half an hour, getting out to the barn just after the last one was born. All three are healthy and happy so far:

These are just what we’d hoped for, female all-dairy-breed kids that we can raise for the year and select the best one or two to continue building the herd long-term. The two whiter ones are almost identical, while my favorite is the black one: 

 With three kids and two teats, it will be interesting to see if sharing works or if one ends up as a runt. They eventually figure out how to nurse on their own, but it doesn’t hurt to give them a hand figuring out which part to suck on:  
These are a serious time sink, but part of the joy of spring is watching the arrival of new life. These are the first goats born on-farm that we have the potential to keep (we’ve had nothing but males for the last few years), and so we’re extra attached to them already.


There are more to come, as Frankie has another week or two to go. We won’t be keeping any of hers, as her genetics aren’t as good as Garlic’s, but hers will still be a welcome addition to this year’s herd and this winter’s food supply.

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