Merry Christmas

We awoke this morning to perfect Christmas weather; a fresh snowfall in absolutely still conditions, such that every twig is covered in delicate white (click the photo above for a larger version). The snow continues to fall gently, three inches so far, creating a wonderful muffled stillness. With a warm fire keeping the house comfortable, we can relax for a few days and enjoy the holiday. I’ll go out and plow the road later today, so the neighbors’ families can get in tonight or tomorrow, and we might take another walk later to watch birds and squirrels deal with this new development, but otherwise we’re staying warm and cooking.

Tonight’s Christmas Eve dinner will likely be goose cordon bleu, our flattened goose breast wrapped with home-cured pancetta and cheese, along with fresh rolls and cabbage sauteed with caramelized red onions. Tomorrow will be lasagna with scratch-made noodles, our ricotta, tomatoes, and pretty much everything else. We might add some of our goat/pork Italian sausage made fresh this winter. Desserts are plentiful, with our wide range of traditional German cookies and Stollen. At this point, our grocery runs consist of a few bottles of apple juice, and otherwise we’re living off our well-stocked freezer and pantry.

May you all eat as well, and be as warm and comfortable, as we are in our snowbound valley farm with no outsides wants in the world. Merry Christmas.

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