Market plans, 11/6

We’ll be at this weekend’s market, skip a week, and come once more for the market before Thanksgiving. Given that temperatures will likely be below freezing when market opens this Saturday, we’re intending to keep most items in coolers so as not to damage them (especially greens). So don’t be confused if you’re early and see a somewhat empty stand.

Leeks: Smallish but good for lots of seasonal dishes.

Parsnips: Our first attempt, after years of customer demand. Not at large as we’d like, probably sold in bundles, but certainly parsnips. I’ve enjoyed those I’ve roasted and included in stews so far. Happy to get feedback on these.

Cabbages: Medium-large heads of Chinese/Napa cabbage, with a sweet flavor excellent for fresh fall slaw, stir fries, or even kraut. We love this stuff.

Garlic: Both heads and loose cloves left over from planting, which is now complete. Many of these should be used relatively soon (within a month) as they were handled with the intention of planting, not long-term storage. They were hanging in the barn until a couple weeks ago where they were subjected to temperature fluctuations that prime the heads for sprouting and planting. They’re still great for eating (or planting) right now, but we wouldn’t recommend buying these for use in late winter or spring.

Collards: Fresh greens, good for braising or stews.

Lettuce heads: Green lettuce heads planted late and now ready for use.

Peanuts (maybe): We have one more small bed that hasn’t been harvested, which needs to happen before a hard freeze Friday night. If the quantity and quality is good, we’ll bring some.

Herbs: Parsley and possibly other herbs.

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