Market plans, 11/20 (last market)

This is guaranteed our last market of the year. We aren’t interested in the Winter Market; we have too much to do in the short off-season to keep the farm running more effectively the rest of the year. And we need the somewhat time off to recover, as well as do organic paperwork, taxes, seed orders, and other business needs. So this will be our last attendance until sometime in April.


Parsnips: Popular two weeks ago, we’ll be interested in any feedback on these.

Cabbages: I did a price-check on conventional Napa cabbages at a less-than-fancy grocery store last week, and they were going for our price ($2/lb) despite being much rattier-looking and non-organic. Some of these are large and can be frightening at $7-9 per cabbage, but they’ll make good slaw, kraut, and soups all week with a great flavor.

Cooking greens: Kale, collards, mustard. Make some winter soups or braises.

Leeks: What to say? Leeks are great.

Spinach: A small amount of very nice spinach, from our overwintering beds that are growing really fast in this warm fall.

Daikon radishes: Great for stir fries or pickling.

Herbs: Parsley, maybe sage and thyme.

Garlic: One small last batch of Tochliavri heads.

And maybe something else I’m forgetting, waiting to be discovered during Friday’s harvest.

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