Market plans & more

We won’t be at market this weekend, and we’re not sure about the next weekend either. Right now we’re eyeing November 13 as our last day with cabbage, leeks, parsnips, garlic, and more.

We’ve kept to plan this week, getting lots more garlic planted on Wednesday and butchering the first goat of the season on Thursday. As of Thursday night we have a nice collection of meat in the freezer, along with 2lb of fresh sausage and a 4lb batch of German liver loaf. We grilled the rib racks for dinner with a Filipino barbecue sauce, along with a huge bowl of fresh cabbage slaw, grilled flatbreads, and a friend’s homebrew. Good stuff.

Over the next week we’ll finish planting the garlic, make progress on the dairy barn, keep cleaning up beds and preparing them for winter, and possibly take some produce in to restaurants if we have time.

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