Market plans, 10/9

After this Saturday, we’ll skipping market for a week or two. There is a great deal of work we need to get done while this dry, stable weather continues and that’s becoming more important than market income right now. Also, post-frost, our remaining products fall into two categories: either non-ripening items that can hold in the field or storage for a little while (lettuce, fall greens, herbs, garlic) or items which need some cooler weather to reach their potential (parsnips, daikon radishes, cabbages). So we’re definitely skipping next week and will see how things pan out for later.


Peanuts, one time only. We had some success with these last year and were really pleased with the yield this year. We’re keeping most of these for ourselves but do want to gage customer interest and feedback, so will be bringing some pints along with recipe cards for Southern-style boiled peanuts (the only proper way to prepare these fresh, green peanuts).

Scallions, one time only. We planted a small amount of these for fall, to test a new growing arrangement, and will bring the results to market.


Mixed baby greens: Saute greens & baby lettuce mix.

Fall greens: Small amounts of collards & kale.

Okra: Last week for okra. We had three nights of frost here (Sat.-Mon.), but surprisingly the okra made it through undamaged, probably due to its height.

Garlic: Our standard late-season four varieties.

Herbs: Parsley, sage, thyme, mint.

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