Market plans, 10/2

So our big dinner on Wednesday came off without a hitch (at least none that anyone’s told me about). Longer post later, I’m hoping a few folks send photos from the night. It was fun, a very nice group, and I think the food was just right. The produce used in that event does cut into our market supply this week, though, so there will be less of some things.

Also, we’re likely to get our first frost this weekend, with general temperatures expected to drop into the 30s both Saturday and Sunday night, so that will affect what comes to market. We’ll be bringing in lots of green peppers and tomatoes as a one-time harvest, so think about what to do with those…


Most likely daikon radishes and scallions, depending on taste-tests during harvest tomorrow. Also green peppers and green tomatoes as indicated above.


Mixed baby greens: Saute greens, mixed salad greens, baby lettuces.

Fall greens: A small amount of mustard; this has mostly been going to restaurants.

Cucumbers: A few, whatever have developed since our midweek dinner harvest.

Peppers: Some sweet, lots of green, some hot.

Okra: Mostly the smaller variety.

Garlic: Our standard late-season four varieties.

Herbs: Our usual, parsley, sage, thyme, mint.

Sweet sorghum: A tasty sugar-cane style treat.

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