Market training (in Thailand)

If you thought space was tight at the Columbia Farmers Market, be glad it’s not this market in Thailand. From the Washington Post:

Resting silently beneath the crowd like a slumbering serpent, a single train track winds through the heart of Mae Klong food market in the small Thai province of Samut Songkhram. Flanked by bushels of crisp winged beans and water spinach, bulbous knobs of jackfruit and pallets of artfully arranged fish gawking in unison at oblivion, the narrow track serves not only as a place for vendors to display their wares but also as the market’s main walkway. Until, that is, the train makes an appearance.

Take a look for yourself; view through the end for the full effect of just how completely the market absorbs the rail line. Apparently this happens up to eight times a day. Tourist bait for the upcoming Show Me Eats trip to Thailand?

One thought on “Market training (in Thailand)

  1. I think Bourdain's Thailand episode caught that as well, though it may have been a different market. Pretty amazing…very industrious people.