Market plans, 9/25

The whole-farm dinner next Wednesday is definitely happening, but there may be a few slots left. Talk to me at market if you’re interested, or drop an email.

With our abundance of peppers (it’s been a great year but they’re not selling well at market), I’ve been exploring Mexican cooking. Checked out a fantastic Rick Bayless cookbook from the library and have made this recipe twice already, both times coming out fantastic. Amazingly easy, just roast whole tomatoes, jalapenos, and garlic in the oven before grinding the garlic & jalapenos in a mortar & pestle and adding the tomatoes with a bit of salt and chopped onion. Takes almost no effort and is really amazing. We didn’t even add cilantro (which we don’t have); I can only imagine what it would be like with that. Pick up some garlic & jalapenos from us, and tomatoes from someone else, and try this recipe; I guarantee it’s worth it.


Sweet sorghum stalks: This is a neat and unique treat. Sorghum may be most familiar as the thick, molasses-like syrup you can find locally made at certain area groceries. Larger operations crush the sorghum stalks to extract the sugar and then boil it down, much like maple sugaring. We grow sweet sorghum as well, though not enough to make any meaningful amount of sugar. The stalk, however, is basically like a locally-grown sugarcane. You can cut off small chunks at a time, and cut it open or knaw on it to extract the really tasty sweet juice inside. We’re intending to have some mid-sized sections of sorghum stalk at market for folks to try. It’s a neat treat or party trick, and one thing I haven’t yet tried is boiling up some chunks to see if I can get a sweet enough liquid to make drinks out of. Anyway, if you’re interested ask about it and see if we remembered to harvest some.


Mixed lettuce greens: baby greens of various varieties, fresh-harvested Friday for excellent salads. Enjoy these all week.


Mixed baby greens: Kale, arugula, mizuna, mustard, tat soi…excellent for light sautes or flavorful salads.

Other greens: Mustard greens & chard, both excellent for sauteing or adding flavor to soups.

Cucumbers: Producing nicely, both picklers and mixed eating cukes, these have all sorts of uses. Make some fresh salsa and used sliced cukes as a great dipping chip; the cool sweet flavor really sets off the hot salsa nicely.

Okra: A mammoth yield this week. Freeze some, pickle some, make some Indian food, fry with cornmeal, etc…

Peppers: Both hot & sweet peppers, use for salads, cooking, etc. Hang some mini Thai peppers for winter use, cook up a skillet of sauteed peppers, roast a batch for an excellent salsa or sauce, etc…

Garlic: Good and useful as always.

Herbs: Parsely, sage, thyme, mint.

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