Market plans, 9/18


Mixed baby greens. I don’t have a good photo, but this is a nice mix of tender young greens including mizuna, tat soi, kale, and more. We do this every year and it’s always popular. Use it as a salad mix if you like lots of diverse flavors, or lightly saute it as a side or topping for pasta. Always harvested on Fridays, it’ll keep around two weeks if properly stored (a few customers have claimed three) so you can draw from it over and over. We plant this successionally so each bed begins to mature at a different time to allow consistent yields, but right now three beds are all ready to pick so we’ll have a lot at market.


Cucumbers: Back on the menu after an absence, our later planting is yielding nicely right now. Enjoy the various interesting and tasty varieties in late-season salads, fresh pickles, and more. Or just use as scoops for salsas, hummus, and other dips.

Okra: These are going strong. We recieved an email request for 6lb of smaller ones for pickling, and that will draw down the market stock some, but there still be plenty to enjoy for frying, soups, and more.

Peppers: Both sweet and hot peppers will be available in quantity again. This has been our best pepper year ever, with good yields and great flavor. Last week we started selling loose pints of small hot peppers, great for stringing with a needle and thread and hanging in your kitchen to dry for winter. We do many long strings like this, and can then just pull down a dried hot whenever we need to throw one in something. Pick up a pint and put them up for winter.

Garlic: I think we’ll have five varieties tomorrow, still a basic set of mild to strong flavors.

Fall greens: Mustard greens for sure. Green chard is certain. Not as certain on collards and kale which are being hit by aphids at the moment; we do have lady bug larvae that are actively devouring aphids, so we expect the planting to recover eventually.

Herbs: Probably the same mix as usual; parsley, thyme, and more.


There may be a few last summer squash and sauce tomatoes, but this will be the last week if that’s so. Cherry tomatoes are already finished.

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