Market plans, 9/11


Sweet peppers:

Our peppers have been great this year, though I’ve only been selling about half what I’m bringing to market. Pricing them is hard, because there are so many different sizes and weights. I’ve tried both unit and bulk pricing, and neither works very well. People don’t react well to higher pepper prices, even though I’m still charging equal or less than the equivalent organic peppers in grocery stores I’ve checked. For whatever reason, I don’t feel like I’m getting credit for being organic with these; there are just too many overly cheap non-organic peppers at market.

Whatever I go with price-wise tomorrow, these are really good peppers and should be heavily indulged in while they’re available. The standard bell-types are thick-walled and great for salads, while the long, thin Jimmy Nardellos at bottom right (a Slow Food Ark of Taste variety) are sweet raw but really good roasted or sauteed. They’re also very easy to prepare, just chop along their length and don’t worry about the few seeds. I’ll probably also bring some hot peppers again this week.


Salad/saute mix: First cutting of mixed baby greens, including kale, tat soi, mizuna, and more. Good for diverse salads or light sautes.

Daikon radishes: First harvest of these tasty fall radishes; use in salads or stir fries.


Last week for edamame. There won’t be much, just whatever we get from the last picking. Hope you’ve enjoyed it while you can. It’ll be on the menu at Sycamore until their stocks run out.

Summer squash: Still going, should have plenty. Hopefully another two weeks left on these plants.

Okra: Producing wonderfully. I started packing these in pints as well as bulk last week, and promptly sold twice as much even though the price didn’t change. People just relate better to $3.50/pint than $7/lb. Pick up some extra and freeze for the winter, if you like. It’s easy to throw into soups, like the chili and stew I made this week.

Garlic: We’re down to six varieties (give or take one, I’ll know tomorrow), but still have a diversity of clove size and flavor.

Cherry tomatoes: Have a nicer harvest than last week, though the plants are overall on their way out. Still the same tasty mix of sizes, colors, and flavors.

Sauce tomatoes: A lower amount than last week, these too are dropping off but still yielding some. Just been a tough year for tomatoes. I’ve also been taking batches to Main Squeeze each week, where they’re having a hard time getting local tomatoes, so that’s cutting into market quantities some.

Fall greens (mustard, collards, kale): These sold surprisingly slowly last week, given that I was about the only stand there with them. I hope it was just Labor Day, as market was slow overall. This week we’ll have a good quantity of these and I hope people indulge in the fresh fall harvest.

Herbs: Probably parsley, sage, and thyme. (Wish we had rosemary, too.)

Lettuce: Probably a few more heads of summer lettuce. We’ll taste at harvest time to decide what’s worth selling. This planting was a bit of an experiment; we used heat-tolerant summer lettuce varieties, and they performed reasonably well given the conditions, but they did experience the worst of the hot & dry weather.

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