Last call for the whole-farm dinner

Our 2010 Slow Food whole-farm dinner is scheduled for Wednesday, September 29 6-9pm. I’ve just heard from SFKT that we have only 4 reservations out of 16 available places, and they’re willing to open it up to non-members at this point. Here’s the rough menu outline:

Tasting plate of hummus (blended farm cowpeas, parsley, garlic, yogurt, etc.), cuke & pepper slices, fresh pitas (Missouri wheat), cheese

Greek salad (coarse-chopped salad of tomatoes, cukes, peppers, onions, farm-made feta, garlic/herb vinaigrette)

Broiled polenta squares (farm cornmeal) with caramelized onions & peppers, grated aged cheese

Missouri dolmades (Chard leaves wrapped around Missouri rice, farm onions, garlic, cucumbers, peppers, herbs; steamed)

Fresh-made ravioli with cheese & herb stuffing (farm-made ricotta, herbs, & more)

Green salad (baby lettuce greens, fresh produce, boiled farm eggs, etc)

Custard (farm eggs & milk, possibly fruit topping)

If you’re interested, want to see (or revisit) the farm, and eat a really unique meal sourced almost entirely from our farm, write:

<addresses removed to minimize spam>

to reserve a place. Tickets are $30/head, which covers some (but far from all) of our costs and labor & a Slow Food membership for the farm, with the rest going to SFKT’s overall budget for local food events.

We need answers within the next few days, as we’re about to start preparing for this (making cheese and so on) and it’s not worth doing the same work for a small number of attendees. This is a really unique event, as most farm-table dinners I’ve seen involve chefs and multiple farms’ items, rather than one farm with the farmers cooking. We’d love to be able to do it, if enough people sign up.

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