Nice market day

At the end of a month in which a lot of things seemed to go wrong, with strong storms & heavy rains, vigorous weeds, swarming pests, and low yields/sales, it was nice to end July on a strong note. This morning’s market was the best of the year so far, driven by the welcome increase in real summer produce finally starting to mature. Edamame, green bean mix, cherry tomatoes, regular tomatoes, okra, and garlic are all starting to hit their stride. It was a decent-looking stand at the opening bell:

Many of these are still in their early phases, so it didn’t take long to empty out the more popular items like edamame. But what a relief to have these things finally appearing. I think next week we’ll be up to three tables with Joanna joining me to help alleviate the backups of lines of 5+ people we’re getting. There should be more of just about everything, with the possible exception of cucumbers.

I was a bit surprised that the cherry tomato mixes didn’t sell out, as last year these were very popular. I hope when the full flush of all the tomato types come on, that they’ll sell well enough to justify their presence. Some of the cherry tomato varieties are intensely sweet and tasty this year, in spite of all of the rain. Joanna wasn’t terribly saddened that a pint made it home for our own consumption.

We had nine varieties of garlic and expect to have all twelve next week. Look for an article in this coming Wednesday’s Tribune food section about our garlic, with a mention of cucumbers as well. I sold at least 80 heads of garlic today; it will be interesting to see just how many sell post-article. All in all, a welcome happy day in a tough year. Thanks to all the loyal market shoppers out there.

One thought on “Nice market day

  1. It is given that there are 9 different varieties of garlic… there are unique ways to roast each variety of garlic!!