Market plans, 8/7

We’ll be adding a few more garlic varieties to the selection. There should be higher quantities of almost everything available last week, though.

Garlic: at least 11 varieties to explore, including two Slow Food Ark of Taste varieties (Inchelium Red and Lorz Italian)
Edamame: 3x the quantity of last week, now harvesting the main season variety (our favorite)
Cherry tomatoes: mix of many different colors & flavors, with the sweetest and best flavor we’ve had in three years. These are delicious.
Slicer tomatoes: several heirloom varieties
Green beans: more green & less colored than last week
Cucumbers: plenty of picklers & mixed heirlooms, including Poona Kheera, Boothby Blond (a Slow Food Ark of Taste variety), and Miniature White
Tomatillos: enjoy fresh or preserve salsa verde
Peppers: variety of hot and sweet peppers, including Jimmy Nardello’s Sweet Italian Frying pepper (yet another Slow Food Ark of Taste variety)
Okra: try the big ones; they’re a variety still tender when large. Two of our employees raved about these this past week.
Herbs: Genovese & Thai basil, parsley, maybe others

After a gap in summer squash production, our new planting will be producing for market within another week or two.

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