Market plans, 8/28


Sauce tomatoes: We grow many varieties of these, which are typically meatier than slicers, with less juice and more flesh. Often the raw flavor of paste tomatoes isn’t as rich, though our Opalka variety has an excellent flavor that we consider to be as good as any slicer. The purpose of these is to make sauce or salsa, since they make a thicker product much faster than a juicy, all-water slicer, and the additions of other flavors in sauces or salsas balances the somewhat milder tomato flavor.

This is a great time of year to make some tomato products and freeze them for later; consider buying a larger batch of mixed sauce tomatoes and putting some sauce up for winter. Our tomatoes are at their peak right now and probably will start slowly dropping in yield again through September.

Cherry tomatoes continue to yield nicely, even though we’ve had to sort out quite a few split ones after last week’s rain. Flavor is still good.

Also be sure to try some Striped Cavern stuffing tomatoes.


Leek scallions: We grew a small trial bed of leek scallions, intending to harvest them quite young. They’ve taken longer to reach a reasonable size than we anticipated, but we ate a few with lunch and they taste nice. We’ll bring a small batch this week.


Summer squash: Excellent for late-summer grilling.

Okra: Small or large, all tender, still excellent for frying or adding to soups. Try some Indian dishes with okra added.

Edamame: We’ll start harvesting from our final planting this coming week, so expect edamame at market until around mid-September, though the quantities will slowly decrease as older plantings finish up.

Garlic: The last few weeks have been the peak of availability, and we’re going to start running out of a few varieties this week or the next. Overall we should have enough garlic to supply all needs for the rest of our market season, but we’ll start to drop below a dozen varieties.

Sweet peppers: A nice mix of colors and shapes; enjoy these on salads, sauteed, or grilled. I made an easy lunch on Thursday of sauteed fall greens with garlic and sweet peppers.

Herbs: Probably thyme, parsley, & sage.


Cucumbers are done for now; the current planting is old, diseased, and yielding only odd cukes. We have another planting growing which will hopefully supply some mid/late September cukes.

Tomatillos have fallen off a cliff; the plants have just stopped producing meaningful quantities of fruits. We hope production will pick up again; the plants themselves seem healthy and there are more tomatillos forming.


We’ll probably have the first cuttings of fall greens (mustard, collards, kale) in early September. Fall radishes, lettuces, saute mix, and more are on the way as well.

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