Market plans, 8/21

Tomatoes! Our big heirlooms are finally yielding and we’ll have some piles of the big, juicy, odd-looking heirlooms everyone loves at farmers markets. In addition, the cherry tomatoes are plentiful and there are several varieties of cooking/sauce tomatoes which are ideal for roasting or making sauces and salsas. Get some to preserve, or just eat fresh tomatoes all week.

Cherry tomatoes & tomatillos

Summer squash: After a few-week hiatus between old and new plantings, they’re really coming on again and will be ready for any grilling, sauteing, soup-making, or more. Try our zucchini soup & other recipes.

Okra: still going strong, and from what I’ve heard, enjoyed by those who tried it. Also getting good reviews from Sycamore and Uprise Bakery on these varieties.

Garlic: same 12 varieties to explore. The interest and demand has been great.

Edamame: There may be a bit less this week, as we’re between plantings and delivered a lot to restaurants on Tuesday. Plenty more to come, though.

Cucumbers: Still available, but these are on their way out for now, as the plants are old and succumbing to disease. Another planting is growing and will hopefully yield in September.

Tomatillos: As good as always for salsas & soups.

Peppers: A variety of sweet and hot peppers to enjoy in salads, stir fries, and more.

Herbs: Basil is done for now, as it’s turning bitter and we don’t want to sell it. Possibly parsley, thyme, mint, sage, and epazote.

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