Market plans, 8/14

After a break, we expect the first few summer squash from our next planting to be ready. These ought to be yielding nicely again soon.

Okra is really coming on; read more about it and give it a try this week. We’d like to sell all that we’re producing, and it’s quite tasty.


Garlic: All 12 varieties again. Keep exploring and enjoying the diversity. Come early for maximum selection; some varieties are limited in quantity, and we’re bringing just a couple of bundles per week of those varieties.

Edamame: About twice the quantity of last week (which was 3x the week before); maybe THIS time it’ll last past 8:30.

Cherry tomatoes: Excellent mix of colors, flavors, and varieties. We’re dropping the yellow pears from this mix because their flavor isn’t good enough, but the others are doing great in this heat and are very sweet and tasty.

Slicer tomatoes: Several early heirloom types, good for sauces and fresh eating.

Cucumbers: More picklers and slicers, including the tasty white-yellow varieties. These are starting to fade, so enjoy them while you can.

Tomatillos: Coming on strong; enjoy and preserve salsa verde or various soups.

Peppers: Various sweet & hot peppers, also enjoying the recent blast of heat.

Herbs: Parsley, limited quantities of sage and thyme, and maybe basil from the younger planting if it hasn’t turned bitter with the heat as our older planting has; we’re planning to taste test at breakfast Friday.

Green beans are toast. This has been a really bad year for beans, and after a brief window of good production most of our plantings are dying or producing unsellable beans. The pole beans aren’t setting flowers in this heat. They were nice while they lasted. A fall planting of Fin de Bagnol filet beans is currently growing, and we might have a smallish quantity of shelling beans sometime in the coming weeks.

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