Garlic in the News

We’re featured in today’s Columbia Tribune Food Section; check it out here if you’re not a local subscriber. Marcia Vanderlip, the food editor, attended our recent garlic tasting event and put together a very well-written and accurate piece on our garlic and the farm overall. I think it’s easily the best local media piece we’ve had.

For those who enjoyed the piece and found their way here, but aren’t already customers, we intend to have at least 11 varieties at this Saturday’s Columbia Farmers Market. If you like the idea of taste-testing garlic, we’re running an ongoing customer taste-test challenge in which you buy two or more heads of different varieties, take them home, and explore using them in different preparations to see if you can tease out differences. We have an official data sheet we send home with participants, and the results are tabulated and used to prepare our weekly garlic recommendations signboard at market. In return, you’ll be entered on an invitation list for an on-farm event later in the year and a chance to win some free garlic in a drawing.

We had also hoped to have a complete tabulation of tasting data so far, first in time for Marcia to use in this piece, then in time to post when the piece came out….no such luck. Just too busy. We’ll get to it sooner or later, but in the meantime enjoy the article, and come out to the Columbia Farmers Market to enjoy some interesting garlic.

And thanks again to Marcia for a great piece.

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