Recipe: cucumber sliders

There are lots of creative ways to use abundant summer cucumbers. Here’s an easy one: mini-sandwiches. Just take a good, crispy cuke like our Poone Kheeras, slice into solid discs, spread with goat cheese (like chevre or feta), add a leaf or two of fresh basil, and complete with another cuke slice. These are easy, tasty, and cute. They’d make a great party dish or kid snack.

Cuke slices can also take the place of crackers and chips; put those expensive English tea wafers back on the shelf and use cukes to serve cheese, dips, salsas, and more. The crunchy, sweet flavor complements lots of things and is cheaper and healthier.

3 thoughts on “Recipe: cucumber sliders

  1. Yum! I love cukes in place of crackers as a vehicle for getting cheddar or any similar salty cheese in my belly.

  2. Sounds good Eric. Lord knows I need some ideas for extra cucumberBy the way, I have been making your Zucchini soup by the pot full for a few weeks now. It is great. Last night I added fresh corn and a can of crab meat after blending the soup. It was excellent. I also made it with corn and chopped asparagus which proved to be a hit. Red pepper flakes give it a nice kick too. You were so right, it is a very versatile recipe.Thanks,Chris Miller

  3. Chris,Great feedback, thanks. That soup really is amazing. Make sure to freeze a bunch, it's really nice in the middle of winter when there's nothing fresh & good.