Of weather and garlic tasting

Woke up this morning to several rounds of strong storms pushing through; this is the most close cloud-ground lightning I can remember seeing here. No apparent damage so far, though I don’t know what the high winds have done to our field. Poor goats are well behind on milking schedule, as there’s no way I’m hiking out to their pasture in these conditions. We rescheduled our wonderfully flexible Sunday morning worker to Monday; thanks.

We’re hosting an on-farm garlic tasting this afternoon with about 12 folks, including the food editor of the Tribune. Sure hope it goes well and people can tell some differences; we’re putting ourselves on a limb with the media attending… It’s been interesting coming up with simple preparations that give the best chance of tasting differences without overwhelming palates. We’re doing roasted heads, raw mixed in fresh farm-made chevre, and sauted garlic butter. Fresh bread and sliced cucumbers are serving as flavor-neutral conveyances.

The morning’s weather doesn’t really affect these plans, other than the farm walk-around being muddy instead of dusty. We needed the rain, having had no meaningful rainfall since July 6 (haven’t said that in a while). So overall it’s a good thing, with lots of work coming up this week including increasing harvest loads and the need to start serious plantings of fall varieties. This rain keeps irrigation off the bloated task list. We’re going to be wiped out by the end of this week.

Results of the garlic tasting event will be posted on Monday.

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