Market plans, 7/31

Just a few tomatoes and cherry tomatoes, the first-ripening of the large quantities hanging green on the plants. Once again we’re going for our popular multi-color and multi-flavor cherry tomato mixes, though I think this week there will be less than ten pints. They’re ripening, though.

Mixed green beans will also make their first appearance; drawn from up to five different varieties, these standard beans are excellent steamed with a bit of salt or used any other way you like. Yellow, green, purple, and several patterned heirloom varieties included.

Edamame in limited quantities; it’ll be one more week before the main plantings kick in. Tomatillos & okra also in limited, beginning to form quantities.

Cucumbers will again be plentiful. Get a batch of picklers for fresh or fridge pickles (try Show Me Eats’ Momofuku Vinegar Pickles; very easy and yummy). Also enjoy the tastier yellow/white heirloom varieties, which I’ve had multiple customers (including one of our restaurants) rave about.

Garlic will begin to hit its stride with most of our standard varieties. Still taking a long time to fully cure, but we’re willing to start cutting down and selling most of them. Just don’t store these too long yet; use them reasonably fresh until we’re sure they’ve cured thoroughly.

Lime basil is flowering now, but Genovese basil will be available, as well as parsley. Maybe some other herbs, like summer savory or thyme. We’ve found herb sales to be very unreliable; some weeks lots will sell, other weeks I bring lots home. It’s frustrating for planning, because we never know whether to spend the time carefully harvesting and managing the herbs.

Having finished our onion harvest, we’re feeling better about it than we expected. So we should be selling some onions eventually, once they’ve cured for storage. Peppers are still in the developmental pipeline but coming on, as are many of the items above which are right now only yielding early, small amounts. Feels like I’ve been saying this for a long time now, but there really is a lot of summer produce coming on for us, just late because (a) we always start summer things late due to our location, and (b) we were extra-delayed due to weather this year.

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