Market plans, 7/3

Fourth of July weekend is often a tough one for us at market. Lots of people are out of town, visiting with family, and otherwise busy; the market always seems slow unless you’re selling grilling supplies (like fresh summer squash, hint hint). Fortunately we’re still in our early summer lull and won’t have a huge amount to sell. If we didn’t value continuity so much, it would be tempting to take this weekend off market and save two days of work.

Last of the beets, a few pounds of Fin de Bagnol filet beans, fennel, Swiss chard, summer squash, fresh garlic heads, scallions, parsley, chives, multiple varieties of basil.

We’re especially pleased with the Lime Basil; it has a really nice flavor that goes very well in Asian dishes and desserts. We made a delightful dessert, consisting of a lime basil-infused sugar syrup, poured over sliced fresh market peaches. Heavenly. Give it a try.

Peas and carrots are definitely done now. Possibly more of these in the fall.

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