Market plans, 7/10

Looks like gorgeous weather this weekend. As a strong rooter for Germany in the World Cup, I’d been half-joking to Joanna that she should make a large batch of her excellent German pretzels for Saturday, to sell to soccer fans ahead of Sunday’s final. Alas, they lost to Spain on Wednesday, and we don’t have any corn to sell for paella. Not sure what foods are unique to the Netherlands…

Cucumbers, several varieties including Boothby Blond and Poona Kheera. These are both crisp, tasty cucumbers with unusual colors (pale yellow and yellow-brown, respectively). We will also have some purslane, possibly for one week only. This tasty and nutritious green has a slightly sour flavor, a bit lemony to Joanna’s taste buds. The purslane grows wild (aka as a weed) among the vegetables. Even though it is a weed, the work it takes to harvest small amounts from scattered places usually means it’s not worth harvesting for other than for personal use. But we have a couple of nice stands with leaves that currently taste great and show little insect damage, so we’ll bring some to see if there’s interest among customers without gardens of their own.

Fin de Bagnol filet beans, fennel, scallions, Swiss chard, multiple varities of basil, mixed summer squash. Many customers are drawn to the yellow and green squash, but make sure to try the pale green variety, Tender Grey. We’ve found these to have a wonderful flavor, as do the ribbed variety Costata Romanesco.

Garlic will NOT be available this week. Our harvest is complete, with all 2,000+ heads hanging in the barn at various stages of curing. This means we have no fresh green garlic, and none fully cured for sale. We don’t like to sell it half-cured. Next week we should be able to start offering the first sets of cured heads.

The first edamame have formed on the plants and are likely two weeks away, as are many other items including tomatillos and cherry tomatoes.

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