Worker CSA shares

Despite multiple inquiries and requests, we don’t offer a CSA for these reasons. However, it’s something we’d consider in the future, and this year’s employment model is offering us a great opportunity to test out the CSA approach. With four current workers (a new person just started on Sunday) and possibly a fifth (coming out to visit/interview on Tuesday), it’s giving us a taste of the different skills and planning needed to provide a consistently useful and interesting set of farm products.

The early spring was naturally a slow start, but in the last week or two we’ve really been able to pay folks properly in food. If memory serves, Sunday’s worker went home with:
1 bundle small carrots
1 bundle small beets
1/2 lb cooking greens
1lb snap/snow peas
3 large green onions
1 bundle garlic scapes
1 bundle Swiss chard
2 bunches cilantro
1 gallon fresh goat milk
She could have taken eggs, too, but felt she had enough on hand at the moment, and we forgot to offer kohlrabi. Doing the math, this “share” totals to right about $30 retail, which is a fair equivalent for four hours work, and also a pretty typical weekly total for a good CSA’s full share. From now through fall, we should have no trouble keeping people fed & paid.
We haven’t wanted to combine both a market stand and a real CSA, as that’s too much work, but so far we really like having this worker-CSA. It adds value to our produce without detracting from market sales, gets lots more work done, and makes the kind of personal connections with the farm that market sales can’t. It means a lot to have a set of people who are really invested in the farm, and enjoy coming out here to help. And it’s something we can continue to expand if necessary to support and develop our market presence without costing us much money. We hope it continues to work as well as it seems to so far.

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