Serious rain

So we received .44″ of rain through late afternoon from various light storms, just about right for the crops. Then, on the tail end of the system moving through, a big cell built up out of nowhere that briefly had a severe warning for up to quarter-size hail. It went right over us, no hail, but dumped 1.97″ more in a very short time. Got some nice flooding going on in the stream and in our basement. It’s already gone from the radar, collapsing as fast as it built. The NWS radar map estimates it dumped 2.5″ at the very center of its track, so even we got a bit lucky. As a registered weather spotter, I called in our total to the NWS and received a suitably impressed response. Although, it won’t do much good since the cell is already gone.

That’s just a bit more rain than we needed. But at least it came all at once; better this than .5″ every day for five days. This will still dry out over the next few sunny days post-cold front. But, yeah, some overkill there.

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