Restaurant sales this week

Fun story from market: a customer walked by, saw the garlic scapes on the stand, and exclaimed, “Oh my goodness, I had those at Bleu the other day for my birthday! They were amazing!”. It seems they’d been served on a steak, and she was thrilled to learn the source (and bought some for herself). Nice job, Bleu. I shared that story with Ben when I called this week, and he enjoyed it. And bought two more pounds.

Snap peas, snow peas, and Swiss chard all went to Sycamore this week, and Mike is pressing for news of our baby squash with blossoms (starting to form, should be available next week). Also delivered snap peas and greens onions to Main Squeeze.
Thanks to everyone for making this farm-table connection work in the real world.

One thought on “Restaurant sales this week

  1. This is great to hear. Especially since I'll be cooking at home less and probably eating out more in the near future.