Restaurant sales

We initiated our 2010 restaurant season today with multiple deliveries in Columbia. Our plan this season is to make deliveries on Tuesdays, to take full advantage of regular harvests of items that are picked near-daily but we don’t want to store all week for Saturday market.

This afternoon we delivered snap peas & garlic scapes to Sycamore, snap peas & snow peas to Main Squeeze, and garlic scapes to Tiger Hotel Catering. This last is a fun story; she called us about ten minutes before we left for town, asking about microgreens for an event tomorrow night. We didn’t have any, but offered garlic scapes, and she jumped at the chance for 2lb worth, which was what we had left from the morning’s harvest after packing up Sycamore’s order. Good timing, Tiger.

We like restaurant sales, because they’re easier and more efficient for us (no market time & fees), the product is of better quality (no sitting out on the market stand), it’s tax-free, and it’s cool to have our products on the menus of some of the area’s best restaurants. The places we work with give us a really fair price, and we do our best to give them top-notch produce in return. We expect to make regular deliveries almost every week from now on through the season. Uprise, too, has bought a lot from us but often gets items at the market. Support & thank the folks at places like this who go out of their way to support farms like us.

And I have to say, it’s a pretty cool feeling to walk into a place like Sycamore, carrying a large sack of snap peas harvested only hours before, and hand them over to Mike Odette knowing he’ll do something very nice with them.

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