Random updates & events

Joanna found this gray tree frog hanging out in the prep shed; they’re very friendly and extremely photogenic. It even took a flying leap onto my face at one point, and hung there from my forehead quite contentedly until Joanna stopped laughing long enough to peel it off again.

Garlic harvest has truly begun; we were up until 10:30 last night cleaning, sorting, labelling, and hanging the first round. This is an early shot; there are now at least 200 of our 2,000 heads hanging in the barn. Garlic takes time for us because we grow so many different varieties (12 this year, I believe). You can’t easily tell them apart by sight, so each type has to be handled separately until it can be graded and bundled with a label applied, and then hung in an organized manner so we can find the right variety and grade when we need it.

Mike Odette at Sycamore has been asking us for baby squash with blossoms, small and fresh enough to stuff the blossom with goat cheese and deep-fry. This was our first attempt at harvesting what he wanted, delivered on Tuesday. I haven’t heard back from him yet as to whether he liked them; I hope so. If not, we’ll learn and try again.

One thought on “Random updates & events

  1. I got some like this a little while back, and just made a tempura-like batter, dipped the blossoms in it, and fried the things whole – no stuffing necessary. The whole fruit with the blossom attached like this makes for a beautiful presentation.