More help wanted

If you’re interested in working for a small farm, or know someone who is, read on. Our employee model is working well overall, but we’ve decided we need more. One person’s work schedule has changed and he won’t be able to come regularly any more, and beyond that we’d consider yet another worker if possible.

As a reminder, we pay our employees above the table, filling out an I-9 and reporting the pay total at the end of the year. Per IRS rules, we pay in cash-equivalent farm products, including produce, eggs, and raw milk (for cheese/yogurt-making only, not direct consumption). We expect employees to work four hours a week, in return for roughly $30 worth of products. In effect, it’s a working CSA with a full weekly share.
We need someone(s) who can commit to this weekly schedule at least through August, possibly through September or longer, with few exceptions. One model that’s worked very well is for a couple to work a 2-hour shift together after work, thus earning a total of 4 hours worth, but making it more accessible for busy people with other jobs. Our current couple seem to really enjoy the chance to get together after work and get their hands in the soil for a few hours; consider this with your partner. It’s better than a gym membership!
We are primarily interested in someone who can work Sunday mornings from 8-12, but would also consider most weeknights such as 4-6 or 6-8 for couples. Other weekly slots might include Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday mornings from 8-12. The work may be boring, hard, and repetitive, and in any weather but lightning.
Get in touch if you’re interested; you’ll be fed very well and have access to many interesting items that don’t make it to our market stand (such as the fresh strawberries we offered for a few weeks in-season).

One thought on “More help wanted

  1. Well, that worked well. 2 contacts in less than 24 hours, both sounding good initially. If you're just reading this and still interested, contact us anyway because nothing's certain yet.