Market plans, 6/5

Our stand will be noticeably different this week as we’re really in transition from spring products into early summer. Joanna will be selling for us this week, so don’t be confused by the missing beard.

New this week:
Snow peas. Delicious sauteed with chopped garlic scapes or used in stir fries. We like them raw, too.
Also available:
Snap peas, garlic scapes, chard leaves, herbs.
Last chance:
This will be the last week for radishes; we’re finishing up our plantings and need the bed space for other items. This may be the last week for saute mix greens.
Coming soon:
Shelling peas should be ready by next week. When the garlic scapes finish, we’ll start harvesting green garlic (perhaps in a week or two). Summer squash plants are beginning to flower, meaning that plenty of squash should follow shortly. Our small plantings of carrots and kohlrabi are nearing maturity, but we’ll have to check the quality before deciding whether to sell them. Beets always seem to take forever, and they are sticking to that trend this year, but they usually begin to mature by mid-June.
UPDATE: The scape harvest was quite impressive today: roughly 12 pounds. They’re really coming on fast with the heat. This would be a good week to plan ahead for an easy meal of pasta with scape pesto along with saute greens &/or peas. Extra scape pesto can go in the freezer for an easy future meal.

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