Market plans, 6/19

This week will be a small market stand, deep in the “June transition” from spring to summer items. There will be a few neat items this week, though not many of them. Peas are on their way out; we’ll have just a few snap peas and a decent harvest of snows, but no promises for next week. In this heat, peas just stop flowering.

We’ll have a one-time batch of carrots. These were interplanted with our radishes, and now need to come out to make room for okra. So we’ll harvest the whole batch and bring them in. Should be a nice treat for those who get them.

Also new will be some green garlic heads, the first harvest of the year. Again, we probably won’t bring lots, but enough to start the garlic season properly.

Swiss chard, baby/pickling beets, scallions, summer squash, a few kohlrabi (these have been amazing so far), snow peas, a few snap peas, a few bundles of cilantro.

Probably a few more things my heat-addled brain isn’t thinking of right now. You get the idea.

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