Market plans, 6/12

We’re deep in the June transition between spring and summer. This time of year, we’re always scrounging for interesting things to bring to market, and are often surprised at what we end up with. Here’s our best guess as to what we’ll decide on tomorrow after viewing the situation and finishing the harvest.

Swiss Chard, bundled. We’ve had baby chard in various forms for a few weeks, but full-size bundled chard will make its first appearance. We hope it sells; we’re not overly fond of chard flavor ourselves, but we’ve had people ask for it, so we expanded into it this year. We will probably have the first bundles of beets, mostly smaller pickling types with tasty greens. Scallions should make their first appearance as well. Summer squash are are just beginning, and we’re likely to have the first few this week.
Lots of snap and snow peas; this is probably the peak of our production. This would be a good week to make tasty stir fries and salads with lots of fresh peas. From here they’ll start tailing off for a few weeks more. Herbs in small quantities, including cilantro. This will be the last week for garlic scapes; make and freeze some scape pesto while you can. It goes wonderfully with pasta and Asian dishes.
Hopefully more beets will swell into full-size roots; we have a lot planted but they don’t always mature properly. Kohlrabi should be ready next week; an early specimen we enjoyed this week had a wonderfully sweet flavor and crisp, tender texture. Green garlic heads will also appear next week, as we enter the month-long marathon that is garlic harvesting.

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