Farm-fresh tabbouleh

Joanna threw this together earlier in the week, using a wonderfully diverse collection of farm produce. Tabbouleh is such an easy dish to make, and so refreshing as a cool summer salad. There are tons of varieties, so I don’t really need to post a specific recipe here. I just want to highlight the diversity of farm products in this batch:

Garlic scapes
Garlic cloves
Scallions (two varieties)
Snap peas
Baby squash (three varieties)
Parsley (three varieties)
Dried tomatoes (from last year)
Goat’s milk ricotta

All this, chopped and combined with bulghur, olive oil, and red wine vinegar. That’s 18 varieties of 13 kinds of produce, plus on-farm milk. Yummy.

Oh, and for those who care about biodiversity, that’s at least seven biological familes:
Alliums (garlic, onions)
Legumes (peas)
Cucurbits (zukes)
Umbelliferae (carrot family)
Solanaceae (tomato family)
Brassicas (broccoli et al.)
Lamiaceae (mint)

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