Not an Ozark farm

I’m resting after a long morning that drained us both (still feeling sick), so thought I’d share a good story from a few weeks ago.

We’d just transplanted 90′ of zucchini and seeded 40′ more, and were setting up our row cover. This is a thin, breathable fabric that stretches tightly over PVC hoops to protect young plants from insects while the plants are young and developing. It needs to be held on pretty well to withstand winds, for which we often use rocks (some farms use sandbags or bury the edges in soil). We don’t have enough large rocks in the field, however, so took the truck down to the stream and collected about 4 5-gallon buckets worth and drove them out to the field for this purpose.

We often describe the farm’s physical setting as Ozark-like, and it is, but as we were distributing the rocks something occured to me. You can’t possibly call yourself an Ozark farm if you have to truck rocks into your fields. That’s a prairie farm problem if I ever heard one.

There’s a reason our physiographic province is called “Ozark margin” or “Ozark fringe”.

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